1. What is En Route to Safety all about?

En Route to Safety is a non-profit program created by Wilfrid Laurier University’s Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management (SHERM) department, and funded though the Ontario Ministry of Labour’s Occupational Health and Safety Prevention Innovation Program. 

The En Route to Safety program offers Ontario business owners free resources and online training for workers who drive, walk or cycle on the job, with the goal of helping to reduce workplace motor vehicle incidents, injuries and fatalities.

To achieve this is goal, we have produced a employer guidebook: How to Create a Traffic Safety Program – Your 8-Step Plan, as well as three online training modules for workers who drive, walk and cycle on the job.

The program was made possible through the generous help of many Ontario municipalities, police services, private businesses, and health and safety professionals who donated their time, materials and expertise.

2. Can employers outside of Ontario sign up and have employees do the training?

Sure! Our modules may have a number of references and regulations specific to Ontario, but much of the information can be helpful to any worker or drives, walks or cycles on the job.

3. Are there any costs associated with registering for and using this program?

The En Route to Safety Program does not have any costs associated with its use. This is a publicly funded, not-for-profit initiative designed to reduce workplace motor vehicle incidents in Ontario. This project was made possible through the partnerships and donations of various private and public organizations.

4. How are you using the information I provide during the feedback or registration process?

Any information collected is solely intended to benchmark the success of the En Route to Safety program and its impact on the reduction of workplace motor vehicle incidents in Ontario. En Route to Safety is a not-for-profit initiative, therefore your information will be not used for any type of financial gain.

5. What is the purpose of the guidebook?

The employer guidebook serves as a "how-to" manual for employers to develop their own traffic safety program, based on broad issues and hazards that are present while driving and navigating within an urban environment. The guidebook will contain details of what should be included or addressed in a standard traffic program, including to how to complete risk assessments to determine what hazards workers face when travelling on the job.

6. What is the purpose of the training?

The En Route to Safety online training modules were designed to teach workers about best practices, safe behaviours and common hazards related to travel by foot, bicycle or motor vehicle. The training is broad in nature and will apply across many different sectors. It has been designed to complement existing traffic safety programs. Employers can customize the training by assigning the relevant training (Driving, Walking, Cycling) to workers.


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